Trusted links

When I created this site, I didn't want to add "good" list.
I only wanted to warn you against dishonest sellers.
Unfortunately reality changed that because 70% mails I got was with requests about real sites.

On beginning I was sick of losing money, now I'm tired of answering those mails... So I want to see if that's gonna help you choose well.
Personally I'm sure that those sites are legit but I need to warn you anyway - not always you're gonna get your thing on time and not always it's gonna be 100% as promised. But the most important - you don't lose your money.

FasTransfers - http://transferiwon44pq.onion/ - with help of this website you get ready transfers on YOUR private PayPal account, ready Western Union and MoneyGram cheques. It's easier solution but more risky because it creates a connection between your personal data and hacked transfer. Of course if you have fake account or ID - it's a very little risk.

easyCARDS - http://easycard44ybfgoc.onion/ - thanks to this contact you can "easy" buy cloned cards. They have a few types of cards. You can read their descriptions on site. It's a good solution for people needing full anonimity. Keep in mind - delievery time is longer than on site.

Buy Real Money - http://bnruxuk34pu5l37h.onion/ - when you buy from this seller you can be sure about your cyber-security because you buy here real cash (no way to follow what you do with this). The most secure option but the most expensive one.

BTrade - Bitcoin Investment - http://mattzm5pzbaesxlj.onion/ - if you prefer multiplying your fortune rather than losing it when it lays useless - think about investing on BTRADE. This way is a lot safer than using stolen credit cards or arranging fake transfers - with help of this site you can make your profits on re-investments managed by professional brokers. This way is not legal but only this way you can get stakes even several dozen times better than on conventional stock market.

Apple Market - http://3n3w4m56atug7osb.onion/ - first shop on my list where you can buy electronics and be sure that it's not gonna be blocked for your country and won't be a fake replica. It's normal Apple store with legit products, invidual serial numbers and original 12-months guarantee. No tax paid by seller so products are much cheaper.

RealWeed - http://nnipbjberqh6lpvt.onion/ - site definitely created and runned by people with love to marijuana. If you also love marijuana - you will understand everything. That's all.

PopBuy Market - http://nu5grt6sqv4imico.onion/ - large multi-vendor marketplace. Registration is not mandatory to make purchases. It offers wide variety of products including carding services, transfers or fake money. Payment of course in Bitcoins.

Last updated: 01.08.2020

This list will grow with your help... We are dark-family so we need to help ourselves!